You asked for it; we’ve got it! 3D Video Zillow Uploads! Uploading 3D immersive video to Zillow is now quicker and less expensive!

Imagine the worst.

You post your new listing, and your property isn’t one of the first to be seen in a customer search. The customers simply aren’t seeing your listing.

If they can’t see it, you can’t sell it. Every real estate professional knows the key to selling real estate is visibility That’s real-estate Marketing 101: Increased visibility leads to more foot traffic, which leads to quicker sales.

Now imagine the best!


Your 3D Video is uploaded to your Zillow listing by Antis Photography, a Zillow preferred photographer.

Just like that… 1) Your listing’s search rankings instantly increase. 2) Potential buyers are alerted to saved searches. 3) You are able to customize your listings for Zillow alerts. 

Today’s competitive real estate professionals use up-to-date technology to add increased visibility to their aggressive, effective marketing strategies. Research has shown that professional photography lessens a listing’s time on the market. Adding media solutions like video and 3D technology can speed the selling process even more.

Our 3D expert, Tim Le, pointed out some of the benefits of the newest Ricoh camera technology: 1) It takes half the time to shoot a property with the light-weight Ricoh 3D camera. An average house can be done in half an hour. 2) This is simplified, modern technology that produces crisper 3D tours. 3) A buyer can tour the home, look right and left, up and down, get the feeling of the house, even better than with a Zillow Walk-Thru tour. 4) Ricoh Technology costs so much less than other 3D technologies. 

Sellers want savvy agents who understand modern marketing methods. Buyers are drawn to the new technology that allows them to virtually tour many more properties than even before. With Zillow 3D tour uploads, you can win and sell more listings. We will even send you the Zillow listing statistics and views to show your homeowner! It doesn’t get much better than that.