You’ve done it! You have won over the homeowners and convinced them to sign a listing agreement with you. Now it is all about making your listing look it’s best for the big day… picture day! To help we have compiled a list of our essential tips to ensure your next photoshoot goes as smoothly as possible. 


Before the Shoot


Home Prep is Key

On a typical day, our photographers are shooting 2 – 5 homes. Since they have a specific amount of time set for each property, it is best if they can use the maximum amount of time capturing all the details of the property instead of cleaning up and preparing the property. A house that is ready to be photographed allows us to focus on delivering the best angles to you.


How Does The Exterior Impact The Interior?

Sometimes people forget to prepare the exteriors and with our unique editing process, you will be able to see out the windows. Make sure there is nothing outside that will distract the eye from your beautiful listing. Clean up any toys, freshen up the landscaping and put those trash cans away! We have made a handy checklist to help you make sure the home is picture perfect. Download our free pre-shoot checklist and share it with the homeowner. 


During the Shoot


The Importance Of Being On-Site With A Photographer

Do you want to know how you can all but guarantee you get the angles you are looking for? Make time to be on-site with the photographer! Being on-site is invaluable, especially if it’s a photographer you have not worked with yet. Maybe you don’t care about capturing the small out-of-date bathroom but would love an additional angle of the walk-in closet. Being with the photographer to communicate these details can help make sure everyone is on the same page and they understand your expectations for the shoot.

What Time of Day Is Best?

We will always try our best to work within your and the homeowner’s schedule when it comes to scheduling the photo shoot. With the work of our professional photographers and a top-notch team of editors, we turn the sky blue, green up the grass and enhance the property details. However, we do recommend photographing the home no earlier than 9:00 am and no later than two hours before sunset for daytime photos to avoid harsh shadows. 


How Many Photos Do You Need?

Photographs are bait to buyers. They are meant to grab someone’s attention and pull them in for more information. Our customer service team will recommend a photo package to you based on the square footage of the property. However, if the property has a lot of details you would like to highlight or you want a lot of options to choose from, we recommend sizing up to the next package.  




After The Shoot


How To Use Media To Market Your Listing

Did you know that the photographs you purchase for a current listing can also impact your chances of getting future listings? The media that you share online is often the first impression to viewers outside of your circle. Whether a potential buyer sees a listing on Zillow with your contact information or a shared social media post from a friend, your brand is being viewed as a representation of what you can do for potential clients. Want to learn more about your personal brand and how it can help grow your business? Check out our blog post on this topic here!

Make your first impression count and get the most out of your media investment by partnering with Antis Media. Visit to learn more about our team and services.