Last year COVID-19 caused us all to change the way we interact with each other. Potential home-buyers are avoiding open houses and face-to-face interactions, while homeowners are delaying putting their house on the market. With these changes, we came to realize how crucial technology is to maintaining relationships from a distance. You need to equip yourself with the right skillset and tools to help you stay in business throughout the pandemic.
While some of these tools were available before the pandemic, they have become increasingly more popular over the last year. Let’s take a look at some of the best digital tools real estate professionals and brokers are using today.
3D Virtual Tours
Shooting with a 3D camera allows potential buyers to get a detailed look inside of the home. It also filters out “window shoppers” who want to check a few houses out during their spare time. If someone requests a showing after the virtual tour they most likely have a high interest in the property and are more serious about making a purchase.
Animated Panoramas 
The Animated Panorama allows the realtor to animate unique home elements, create video descriptions of rooms using a green screen, add a video to TV screens and so much more. This allows realtors to customize the way they want buyers to interact with the home.
Live Guided Tours
No need to meet in person; Realtors use Live Guided Tours, allowing real estate agents to walk the clients through the home virtually. The agent can show the home to multiple buyers at once thanks to the presentation option.
Virtual Staging
Virtual staging allows agents to stage properties from the palm of their hand. The Realtor can easily visualize an empty space while touring the property. With several of the most popular styles available the real estate agent can select the design style relevant to his client’s taste.
Drone and Video Services
Capture unsuppressed views of a listing that will captivate potential buyers. Drone and Videography is one of the best ways to showcase not only the property but the surrounding area as well. Buyers can now get a feel of the community and lifestyle that comes with a listing without having to leave their house.
Using these digital tools can help strengthen a relationship between buyers and agents without having to meet in person. It’s about developing the trust that is crucial to every business relationship.
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