When it comes to selling luxury real estate, high-quality photography is a must! High-quality luxury images can pique buyers’ interest in your listing and prompt them to seek more information and book a tour. Let’s take a look at what sets luxury photography apart.


What is the Difference Between Luxury and Standard Photography? 

  • Luxury photos use advanced lighting techniques to minimize shadows and ensure the space is evenly lit. 
  •  To capture the full story we use a variety of wide angles, close-ups, and detail shots.


Capture Buyers Attention in Seconds

  • 15 Seconds; that is the average amount of time you have to capture a potential buyer’s attention.
  • Adding to the importance of high-quality photography, home buyers spend about 60% of their time on photos, 20% on the property description, and 20% on agents’ remarks. 


 Faster Sales at a Higher Price

  • Using professional, high-quality photography leads to higher-priced sales and quicker turnaround times. 
  • A recent Redfin study found using high-quality real estate photography can add anywhere from $934 – $116,075 to the final sale price of a home while also taking several days to a month off the listing time.
  • Listings featuring the professional imagery sell 50% faster and are viewed 118% more than comparable listings. 


Advanced Lighting Techniques

  • We combine the best of natural and flash lighting techniques to create a polished and vibrant look.
  • The final images are a composite of many different images, this allows us to take the best lighting for each part of the scene and seamlessly stitch them together.



 Luxury photography can be used to highlight key features in any listing. With packages starting at 4-6 images, luxury photography is a great tool to capture the “money shots”. 


It’s time to add Antis Media’s Luxury Photography Services to your next listing! Visit www.AntisMedia.com/Luxury to book your photos today!