Home offices are currently having their 15 minutes of fame. Most of us are working from home,
maybe for the first time ever, and realizing the necessity of having your own space to work.
If you have one, you’re set. If you don’t your dining room table or even your living room couch
has become a makeshift office and your meetings are constantly getting interpreted by your
family and/or pets.

A quiet place to work away from the noise of your everyday life is important. Let’s take a look at
some really cool home offices we’re loving right now.

The Cozy Corner

Warm tone neutrals, a big comfy chair in lieu of a standard desk chair, and added greenery.
This office is the perfect place to sit down with a warm cup of coffee or tea for the afternoon and
tackle your to-do list. Who wouldn’t want to work from this office?

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

With plank board ceilings and double doors that open to a breezy indoor balcony, this office has
major beach vibes. Complete with fans to keep away the heat, and minimal decor to keep you
on task, you’ll want to finish your work quickly in this office. If you look through the window you’ll
see a lake view that’s calling your name. Every day is Fri-yay here!

It’s Just “A Day in The Life”

Is this a museum or an office? With endless records to listen to and a drum set to play, I assure
you no work would get done in this office. A typical day might look like perusing the
memorabilia, inviting some friends over to start a band (post covid of course), and listening to
Abbey Road on repeat.

The World Traveler

What do you do when you work to travel? You bring your travel finds to work of course! This is
the perfect setup for the person who is always looking for their next adventure. From the unique
rug and table lamp to the wall of memories and artifacts from their last trip, you will be forever
looking toward the horizon in this office!



Working from home used to be the dream. Something your more experienced colleagues
discussed with a twinkle in their eyes.

You had visions of organized storage solutions and increased productivity. The reality is your
work-life begins to literally blend into your home life, and soon enough you can’t tell one from
the other.

The solution? Build your home office one zebra print rug at a time.