The life of a successful real estate agent involves wearing many hats. You are expected to be an admin expert, an advertising executive, a marketing maven, an interior decorator, a neighborhood know-it-all … so on and so on. 


That is where Antis Media comes in to help! Over the next three weeks we are going to take a look at how you can utilize social media to grow your business and your personal brand. Whether you are new to the real estate game or a seasoned pro you’ll want to learn more about how to leverage these powerful digital platforms to enhance and grow your business. 


Why you should focus on social media

  • Social media has become a primary avenue for real estate marketing. 
  • It is personal, affordable, and scalable



Keeping business, business 

When doing business with any regularity on social media, you’ll want to have a business account because of the serious built in advantages it provides: 

  • Increase your SEO (search engine optimization), which will lead to greater views on your account. 
  • Get unique tools to help manage your account that are not available with non-business accounts.


Key Takeaway – Remember the audience looking to buy a house is very different from the audience who wants to see how your sister’s birthday went. A key rule is to always create content to connect with the audience you would like to attract. 



Your Name Matters! 

The name you choose for your page has significance! Your page’s name will influence where you show up in search results and if you are visible when people search for something related to real estate. 


Key Takeaway – Choose a name that not only has the name of your company but also reflects what you do. For example: Realtor Joe Smith.



Tag, You’re It! 

Want to know a real game changer in the social media area? Tagging your posts! This is especially important on Instagram and can be secret to people discovering your content. People can search for tags to discover new content on social media platforms and this is how they will discover your posts! Here is a good rule of thumb for how to hashtag:


  • Do not over tag a post with tags that have no relation to your content.
  • Do include tags that relate to your post. 
  • Remember you can use up to 30 tags on an instagram post so make the most of the tags available. Try to include at least 6 – 7 tags on any instagram post. 
  • Go ahead and search for specific hashtags related to your posts on instagram to see which of those tags get the most engagement. Then utilize those tags in your posts. 


Key Takeaway – Tagging your post can generate additional views on posts, especially on Instagram, and those additional views can lead to more followers, engagement, and ultimately business. 


Wow that was a lot! You made it to the end of this blog post and I salute you. You covered a lot today. As always feel free to leave comments on what you found insightful and what you want more of! If you have specific questions feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you. 


Stay tuned for part two of our Social Media for Real Estate series coming out next Tuesday!