We are about to jump head-first into March Madness! This year’s competition might look different than those previous, but some things never change. Like the number of people’s brackets that will be a mess by the end of this weekend. With the games tipping-off in two days, we have 8 Elite Tips to help you score more referrals.



1. Have A Communication Plan

Maybe it’s obvious, but having good communication is key in providing a smooth and positive experience for your clients. Talk them through their next steps and be sure to let them know of any follow-ups that will need to happen with the referral or referee. Taking this extra step will avoid any hang-ups that might have occurred otherwise. 



2. Talk About It!

  • Don’t be shy! Let potential clients know the details of your referral program upfront. 
  • Get people excited so they talk about it with their friends and family. 
  • Remember word of mouth referrals go a long way! 



3. Be Transparent

Nobody likes to feel out of the loop. If you are keeping secrets from your clients they are not going to trust you and will be much less likely to refer you to others. Quickly address and be honest about any challenges that come up during your time together.



4. Write A Blog

No, we’re not being ironic. Blog posts are a great way to share helpful information with homeowners while highlighting what you can do for them. Use your listings photos and videos to build your brand and show off what it would be like to buy and/or sell a home with you. The more homeowners get to know you, the more likely they are to want to use your services! 



5. Make It A Game!

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! Get people excited to participate in your referral program. Here are some ideas to generate some excitement:

  • Give away free services to the person who gives you the most referrals.
  • A referral enters them into a cash prize drawing. 
  • Base the giveaway off current events or trending topics to generate more interest and capitalize on what people are already interested in. 



6. Share Marketing Tips With Your Colleagues

Sharing is caring! If you know someone looking for a home in a different market, refer them to a colleague in the area. Chances are if you help someone else out, they’ll do the same for you.



7. Test It Out! 

Check it twice! Nothing is more frustrating than taking the time to set up a referral program, only to find out you missed something along the way. Walkthrough the steps with a trusted partner to make sure it’s an easy process from start to finish! 



8. Always Send a Thank You Note!

It’s always a pleasant surprise to get mail that isn’t a bill or junk! We are so used to getting our information digitally that personal notes are few and far between. Take the time to hand-write thank you cards for your clients and those that send you referrals.



Wow, how many times can one use the word referral in a blog post before it is too many? Who knows, but at least now you know how to spell referral. You’re welcome! Use these 8 tips to build upon your referral program and you’ll see them pouring in. It’s a guaranteed slam dunk.