This week we will continue our look at how using Social Media can unlock new clients and grow your brand as a real estate agent! If you missed last week’s blog, make sure you check it out! We talked about strategies to gain more exposure and connect with new clients.

Today it is all about how to increase engagement across your social media accounts.


Key Terms to Know
  • Newsfeed / Feed –  The main section of your Facebook home screen. This area shows you the recent posts of your friends and pages you follow.

  • Engagement – The overall attention a Facebook or Instagram post generates. This is measured by the likes/reactions, comments, and shares a post gets.

  • Algorithm – A behind-the-scenes automated process used by social media companies to curate content for their users.


Engagement Determines What You See

When Facebook first launched, your account’s newsfeed would display the posts of your friends and pages you follow in chronological order. This allowed you to scroll through your feed and catch up with all the news based solely on when it was posted. Today things have changed a lot and it makes a huge impact on what users see:

  • Facebook and Instagram use algorithms to curate content specific to each user’s interests based on the content they have interacted with in the past.

  • The result is users find it more difficult to discover content from new industries or interests.


Post As Much As Possible… Right?

You might be thinking of flooding your social media accounts with as much content as you can push out. The problem with this approach is that it will set you back! It is important to remember as much as posting engaging content will help you stand out, posting un-engaging content will harm your visibility, and here’s why:

  • Every time your post is passed up by one of your followers, Facebook’s algorithm learns people are not interested in what this page has to say. This means they stop showing it!

  • The more sub-par content you post, the less your brand ends up in front of your follower’s eyeballs.



So How Do I Break Through?

Fear not! There is a way to break through and use Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage. There are four simple rules to follow that will get you off to a great start:

  1. Learn From the Past – Take some time to go through past posts and learn what has driven engagement for you in the past. Odds are certain posts that have gotten more comments and or likes than others. Use this knowledge to help you create content and then monitor the results.

  2. Be a Resource – No one always wants to be sold to all the time! Your followers want to learn about you and your business not just your products. Do not hesitate to post about community events going on in your neighborhood, create day-in-the-life videos showing people what your job is like, or even create a poll asking followers where is the best spot in town to watch the sunset.

  3. Cross-Promote – Just like in the real world, word of mouth is a powerful way to grow your brand on social media. Do not hesitate to reach out to friends, other business pages, or even other agents and start sharing each other’s content. It will immediately expand your audience network and add a lot of credibility to your brand along the way.

  4. Keep it Short and Sweet – Too often people write novels as posts and then wonder why they do not generate engagement. It is so important to remember people who go on social media are not there to read paragraph after paragraph of content, they are there for cute cat videos and photos of their friends’ lives. While you can not give them either of those, you can give them stunning photography of your listing shot by Antis Media with short and sweet captions that highlight what the image is about.



That is it for part two of our three-part social media for real estate series! Remember if you missed part one from last week, click the link here to check it out. Next week we will wrap up our series with a look at how to use social media to network and connect with new clients. Talk to you next week!