You made it to the last installment of our three-part series on Social Media! In part 1 we took a look at how to get more exposure on social media and in part 2 we looked at how to drive engagement on your posts. This week is all about networking! 


The best place to be for online networking (and the best place to avoid all the dreaded small talk that usually comes with networking) is Linkedin. You can also put the following tips to use on Facebook along with Instagram.



Clean Your “House”

Before you invite anyone over what is the first thing you do? For most of us, it is cleaning the house of course! We dust, vacuum, consolidate the backpacks and shoes in one place and make sure our home is inviting for those who are coming over. 


Take this same approach with your social media profile! Think of your profile as your online house and just as you would want a house guest to form a good first impression we want our online guests to form a good first impression. Here are a few key items to make sure are in order:


  • Update your job history location, and profile picture (making sure it is a professional headshot of you).
  • Make sure your skills are up-to-date and are in an order that makes sense to what your clientele is looking for. 
  • Next, think of keywords clients you would like would be searching for. Then make sure you incorporate as many as them into your profile as make sense. 
    • Have these keywords incorporated into prior job descriptions, your profiles about are; the more you incorporate keywords the more opportunities will open up. 



Get Out There! 

Once you have “cleaned” up your profile, it’s time to start putting yourself out there! Go ahead and be brave! Participate in meaningful conversations related to your business by joining Facebook/Linkedin groups, or head over to a Twitter List and join in on the conversation. As with all forms of networking, this part involves putting some work into finding groups that will help you grow your brand and business. Here are four great rules to follow when looking for groups and networking online:


  1. Remember that randomly joining groups and then requesting everyone in the group to connect with you is the social media equivalent of cold-calling. Put some effort into it! Join groups with common interests and then engage in the online discussion on the groups page. 
  2. A great first step is to look for a group that are professionals in your field or related fields that share clientele with you. The connections you make here can lead to referrals and pay off big time down the road. 
  3. Like we talked about last week in part 2, good engagement is key on social media. This means when you interact in your online community be on topic and do not be spammy. 
  4. Remember that what you are looking for from the group is the same thing everyone else is. So comment, like, and follow others if you want them to do the same for you. 


The Key to Connect with Others


You’ve joined some amazing groups and had some thoughtful and engaging discussions, now it’s time to connect with individuals. 


First rule; don’t just click on someone in the group, go to their profile and select “connect”. Nobody wants to get cold-called on social media. Instead, put yourself out there and be personal! Send them a message starting off with what you have in common and then share why you’d like to connect.


Well, that’s a wrap! Our mini-series on Social Media for Real Estate is now complete! Double high-five for finishing strong! Comment your thoughts below, leave any questions you have for our team or the community, and don’t forget to share this post if you found it helpful!