Even with homes selling fast in this current market it is more important than ever to equip buyers with the home buying tools they expect. Buyers today are looking for more ways to interact with you and your listing virtually. They want to be able to tour your listing remotely and want the value added that comes with working with a realtor. It is these reasons that we are so excited about our newly improved Antis 3D Tours!



What’s New with Antis 3D Tours?


  • You asked for improved image clarity / coloring and we listened. With our state of the art editing process your Antis Tour has never looked better! 
  • The best news is this new editing process does not change the turnaround time of your tour or the cost to you! 
  • Floor plans are now available! Now with Antis 3D Tours you can add interactive floor plans to your tour. This will allow potential buyers to see the full layout of your listing and quickly snap to specific rooms by clicking the room they would like to go to right on the floor plan. 



Why Antis 3D Tours?


  • Many people are still practicing social distancing and the Antis 3D tour platform allows you to showcase your listing virtually. With live guided tours and animated panoramas, those who are interested can be fully immersed in your listing from a distance.


  • Another added benefit is potential buyers can access the tour anytime, anywhere, with no limitations. Buyers can feel free to walk-through the property as many times as they would like before making that final decision.


  • Antis 3D Tours are the perfect option for rental properties, vacation rentals, and remote buyers! If the client is too far to view the property in person, send them your virtual tour link and they can do a “walk-through” on their own time.



How do the Antis 3D Tours Work?


The user is in control of their own virtual walk-through experience. If they click on a link they are able to view all 360 degrees of each room. They are able to look up and down, and click through from room to room. 



Everyone can benefit from an Antis 3D Tour!


  • Sellers daily lives are not interrupted by potential buyers walking through their home.


  • Buyers can visit the tour as many times as they wish.


  • Viewers are in full control of the tour. They can explore the home at their own pace


  • Your marketing options increase as you can integrate your virtual tour with social media and share your listing with your targeted audience.


  • Added value to your brand by increasing the depth of your portfolio, showing future clients what you can do for them



Check out the newly improved Antis 3D Tour HERE!


Also, don’t forget about all the amazing add on features on the Antis 3D Tours, including our state of the art Green Screen animations. Click HERE to see a full demonstration of what this technology can do for your listing! Remember to add an Antis 3d Tour to your next listing to see how this amazing technology can work for you.