If you are looking to fill potential buyers with awe, nothing does it quite like views from the sky. 


Whether it’s highlighting the proximity of schools or shops to your listing or showing the surrounding community, drone photography will guarantee your listing won’t go unnoticed. 




Captivate Today’s Buyer 


As buyers turn their attention to viewing listings online, it is more important than ever to captivate them with incredible media content. The average buyer will form their first impression of your property in only 15 seconds.


Here are 4 key reasons why agents are embracing drone photography:


  • Homes with aerial imaging sold 68% faster than homes without. 
  • 83% of home sellers said they prefer to work with an agent that utilizes drone photography. 
  • High-volume agents use drone photography, on average, 3.5 times more than low-volume agents. 
  • Aerial photography is more dynamic and eye-catching than standard photography, giving potential buyers a whole different perspective of your listing. 


Enhanced Imaging 


Along with capturing stunning views, drone photography also includes enhanced images showing the property lines from the air. This is an amazing tool for helping potential buyers see the lot lines from the sky. 


Just imagine you are a potential buyer who wanted a clear view of the property lines, which of the following images would be worth more to you?




Time is Money 


As with all of the services we offer, providing a quick turnaround time for our products is vitally important. In the real estate industry, time is money, and we want to equip you with the media tools you need promptly. This is why all drone imaging is delivered within 24 – 36 hours of the shoot. 


Exceptional image quality, enhanced imaging, and fast turnaround times are three reasons why Antis Media’s Aerial Drone photography is a cut above the competition.