Luxury Services 

It’s no secret that high-quality photography will help you sell your luxury listing more quickly, but did you know it also helps set you apart by building consistency in your brand.

By using advanced lighting and imaging techniques, Antis Media’s Luxury division can capture all the detail of your unique and stunning luxury listing. You have done the hard work in winning your listing, don’t leave the media to just anyone. Get the best, get Antis Luxury.

Why Choose Luxury Photography?

Generate Top Dollar and Shorter Listing Times

  • Study’s have found  choosing professional, high-quality real estate photography can generate a higher final price than those listings without.
  • A recent Redfin study found listings with high-quality photography sold 50% faster and were viewed 118% more than those without.

Improve Your Brand and Value as a Realtor

  • Great photos help you stand out among other real estate agents when trying to win listings.
  • Your brand is a representation of what you can do for clients and your photos tell the story of your brand.

Capture Buyers Attention in Seconds

  • Buyers make most of their decisions within the first 15 seconds of viewing your listing. Luxury photography helps you make the most of that time.
  • Compared to other media, buyers spend 60% of their time looking at your listings photos.

Standard vs Luxury Photography

Whether you choose to photograph your entire listing using Antis Luxury Photography or add a few “money shots” to an existing photo package, the difference is clear.

What Makes Antis Luxury Different?

  • Carefully Crafted Imagery: Our photographers take their time to meticulously plan out each photograph. From the position of the camera, lights, and overal composition no detail is left unexamined. The result is sleeker, more impactful imagery that will draw in high-end buyers with sophisticated taste.
  • Unmatched Professionalism: When you add Antis Media to your team you can expect nothing but the utmost professionalism. Every member of the Antis team is punctual, friendly, organized, and proactive in their communication.  You can count on us to treat your listing and your clients as if they were our own.
  • Advanced Lighting and Editing Techniques: There is an industry trend for photographers to use a quick method called HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography) to show off the views from a house. The result of this is grungy, unprofessional photographs. At Antis Media, we utilize the best qualities of flash, additional lighting, and natural lighting techniques to produce polished and vibrant looking images.